Monday, July 15, 2002

jul eant one tte: dont uthink ur rushing things my dear?
YAW its JENNAW: uh no
YAW its JENNAW: it feels nice having someone there holding you at night
YAW its JENNAW: and tucking you in
YAW its JENNAW: and saying theres nothing to be scared of when you get scared at night
YAW its JENNAW: and he cooks too
YAW its JENNAW: so its like he can make me breakfast in bed
jul eant one tte: haha
jul eant one tte: thats cute

jul eant one tte:you and jenna man
jul eant one tte:the GREATEST ever
jul eant one tte:shooot

jul eant one tte:ur practically married already

YAW its JENNAW: do you think thao and arthur will get married
YAW its JENNAW: and chris and lisa
YAW its JENNAW: and diana and villiard
Anonymous: hmm
Anonymous: thao and arthur. i dont know them well enough to say yes or no
Anonymous: chris and lisa.. ehh
Anonymous: shed prob something something
Anonymous: diana and villiard.. too soon to tell
YAW its JENNAW: we're the best!!!!!!!!!!!

YAW its JENNAW: do you think we make a good couple?
JayE Lu 21: yesss
YAW its JENNAW: are you just bsing me
JayE Lu 21: u guys look ahppy togheter with smiles and yesss

YAW its JENNAW: do you think me and daryl make a good couple?
DiS pRnCeS sHeR: yeahhhhhhhhhhh
YAW its JENNAW: no really
DiS pRnCeS sHeR: me dom n lic were talking about that earlier
DiS pRnCeS sHeR: u guys match each other

YAW its JENNAW: do you think me and daryl make a good couple?
iNFaMouSWun38: yea
YAW its JENNAW: no really
iNFaMouSWun38: why wouldnt u guys be...
iNFaMouSWun38: yes!

YAW its JENNAW: do you think me and daryl make a good couple?
oeile317o: of course you guys do!
oeile317o: yes, i think you guys look good together
oeile317o: i can only you guys with each other and no one else

heres the best one..

YAW its JENNAW: me and daryl dont look cute together either
jul eant one tte: yeahyou do
jul eant one tte: i tihkn you guys are a HOT couple
jul eant one tte: haha
jul eant one tte: youre pretyt
jul eant one tte: hes cute
jul eant one tte: like.. hes the big buff guy
jul eant one tte: ur the cute petite gal

jul eant one tte: and you and daryl.. didnt even say it to each other
jul eant one tte: i think you guys have the most mature relationship too
jul eant one tte: because you never offically got together
jul eant one tte: which is how mature couples start off

YAW its JENNAW: hahahhahah you know what
YAW its JENNAW: thats what ive always wanted
jul eant one tte: i mean.. it started out as a joke.. but then u grew on each other and didnt say stop
jul eant one tte: lets make it offical
YAW its JENNAW: i remember chrissie was telling me how she was with this guy
YAW its JENNAW: and i was like since when
jul eant one tte: uh huh...
YAW its JENNAW: then she was like oh he didnt really ask me but i mean we kinda figured blah blah
YAW its JENNAW: then i was like hey i want that

jul eant one tte: you used to get bored easilly too
YAW its JENNAW: i know
YAW its JENNAW: i wonder what happened
jul eant one tte: daryl is what happened


Anonymous: chris and lisa.. i love them both too
Anonymous: i thikn theyre 2nd best
Anonymous: itsjust that someone is something something
YAW its JENNAW: thao and arthur.. they dont really look cute together
Anonymous: this person and his girlfriend.. seems like she knows he loves her more than she does
Anonymous: and this other person and her boyfriend
Anonymous: they say the love each other already.. and im not sying that they dont
Anonymous: its just that i htink they really dont know what it means to truly care about someone unconditionally

YAW its JENNAW: we are the best
YAW its JENNAW: put all these on your blog
YAW its JENNAW: so whenever we feel sad
YAW its JENNAW: we can look back on them

Saturday, June 29, 2002

FUCK.. im getting pissed off now. ive written this twice already and everytimes its gotten deleted. this is the last time fuckin time.


yeah she really said that. no one thuoght it could happen but she did. no one expected it. not even us. worst 4 days of my life.. heres one of them. heres june 27:

MANOKUNGOY: it was the worst day of my life
oohyayitsL I S A: wait what happend agen
MANOKUNGOY: yesterday?
oohyayitsL I S A: yeah
MANOKUNGOY: she picked me up from track and we went to chris' house cus i left my car there
MANOKUNGOY: but we ended up just talking in her car
oohyayitsL I S A: oh soo you at least still talk!
oohyayitsL I S A: theres a plus
MANOKUNGOY: yeah but it gets worse
oohyayitsL I S A: okay go on
MANOKUNGOY: in the car she tells me that she has no feelings for me at all and she really cant be with me anymore
MANOKUNGOY: then theres some crying
oohyayitsL I S A: go on
MANOKUNGOY: then im about to leave but she wont let me cus she doesnt think im in a good condition to drive
MANOKUNGOY: cus she thinks im gonna do something to hurt myself
MANOKUNGOY: then i tell her im going to the lake but she still wont let me go
MANOKUNGOY: but i just go
oohyayitsL I S A: oh gosh this is like chris and i
MANOKUNGOY: cmon im not done yet
MANOKUNGOY: then i get in my car, leave all my stuff in hers
MANOKUNGOY: then leave
MANOKUNGOY: then after like 2 sec i realize im making a mistake and go back around the block to see her
MANOKUNGOY: i park get out and try to open the door but its locked
MANOKUNGOY: and i can see her hella crying inside
MANOKUNGOY: then she tries to leave but i jump in front of her car
MANOKUNGOY: then she keeps pushing and i know she wont stop so i run to my car and then i chase her
MANOKUNGOY: i chase her all the way to sherilyns house
MANOKUNGOY: we get to sherilyns house and she gets out
MANOKUNGOY: then i park next to her and run out to stop her
oohyayitsL I S A: carry on
MANOKUNGOY: i threw my arms around her and she started to fight me off hella crying
MANOKUNGOY: then she goes back to her car trying to get in but i try to keep her out
MANOKUNGOY: then she gets in the car and tries to close the door but i stand between the door and the car on my knees trying to get her to stay and she just keeps pushing me away and scratching me and trying to close the door
MANOKUNGOY: were crying like fuckin hell at that point
MANOKUNGOY: it was the worst part of the night
MANOKUNGOY: then i go to my car and just sit there
MANOKUNGOY: and she just sits there
oohyayitsL I S A: in her car?
oohyayitsL I S A: then you 2 dont talk anymore?
MANOKUNGOY: nope not done yet
oohyayitsL I S A: oh okay carry on
MANOKUNGOY: then she finally gets out
MANOKUNGOY: and goes inside the house
MANOKUNGOY: i get out too but i just stay outside sitting on the steps
MANOKUNGOY: and i wait for like 2346784523907823 hours
MANOKUNGOY: then finally linn came out and we talked and he talked about his relationship with his gf and all this other shit about relationships and stuff
MANOKUNGOY: then she finally comes out
MANOKUNGOY: then i tell her i need my stuff so i get it and get in my car
MANOKUNGOY: but we parked kinda weird so she asks me to get the car out so i did it
MANOKUNGOY: then she leaves after sitting in her car at the stop sign for like 10 mins
MANOKUNGOY: and im just sitting there in my car watching her
MANOKUNGOY: then she leaves
MANOKUNGOY: then linn told me to go home so i jsut went home
MANOKUNGOY: then i find out later that she went to the lake that i was supposed to be at waiting for me
MANOKUNGOY: she stays there for about 30 mins crying
MANOKUNGOY: then she leaves and goes to this other lake that wed go to
oohyayitsL I S A: is it on ruby
MANOKUNGOY: even though she knew id never be there
MANOKUNGOY: yeah theres another one by chaboya
oohyayitsL I S A: but see, its all a misunderstanding.......
oohyayitsL I S A: you didnt know and stuff
MANOKUNGOY: then she drives to all these places and gets lost
MANOKUNGOY: yeah i know
MANOKUNGOY: then she says how i wasnt there to let her know that she was still safe cus she was hella scared and shit
MANOKUNGOY: cus it was night and she was lost and she had no one
MANOKUNGOY: then i dunno
MANOKUNGOY: thats really it
oohyayitsL I S A: why didnt she call you
oohyayitsL I S A: dude, from what i hear its not even your fauly
MANOKUNGOY: she said she did call me
oohyayitsL I S A: your apologizing and running back soo much and i dont even see what you did wrong
MANOKUNGOY: but my phones hella whack
oohyayitsL I S A: ohh
oohyayitsL I S A: oh well see
oohyayitsL I S A: miscommunication!
MANOKUNGOY: but it hurt so much
MANOKUNGOY: i never seen her cry so much
oohyayitsL I S A: you guys should just get back together already cus its obvious you 2 still care for each other

ok then blah blah blah other stuff happened. id tell you about it but i tried already and fuckin blogger keeps deleting it so i gave up. the next day i pack some clothes and water and go on a all out camp out outside jennas house. the point was to stay out there until she comes out and takes me back. kinda like a hunger strike too cus i forgot to pack food except for some skittles which i bought for her. kisha linn chris nug and dom tried to talk me out of it. ha nice try. anyway. jenna comes out after about i dunno 10 mins. shit thats the fastest strike/camp out iver ever seen. she kinda ruined the drama in it. anyway stuff happens and she agrees to talk. we go somewhere else to talk away from home. she STILL holds back. oh man how longs it gonna take. then time goes on, bodies start moving closer, talking gets easier, more laughing starts, still no crying, then finally a kiss. then another. and then this really long one. then soon the windows get all fogged up and you get the point. so in the end, JENNA AND DARYL BACK TOGETHER ON JUNE 28, 2002 AT 11:10. [11:10s the time i saw after we were done making out, i mean making up. that wasnt funny. shit..] if we got all this shit on video we coulda turned it into a movie and gotten all these awards. thats how mcuh drama and shit it had. i mean whens the last time you heard a couple broke up and then had a car chase across san jose? thats right no one. see if youre gonna break up do it the right way. oh yeah and if youre gonna make up then do that the right way too i guess.

oohyayitsL I S A: damn you guys
oohyayitsL I S A: you deserve an oscar

so yeah i guess were alright now. i mean we are alright now. i guess thats really it. i guess theres a lot i left out but too bad. if youre really interested you can just ask. doesnt mean ill tell you but maybe ill be bored or something. oh yeah one more thing. to all you dumb motherfuckers that asked jenna out these last few days.. WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING? fuckers die trying shit like that. ok back to the important stuff. yeah no more worrying now. i mean for anyone. were ok.

YAW its JENNAW (5:07:00 AM): jenna and daryl back together on june 28th at 11:10pm
YAW its JENNAW (5:07:07 AM): woooooo hoooooo
YAW its JENNAW (2:06:31 AM): i really think im gonna marry this one

shes talking about me. cool huh

Saturday, June 15, 2002

ok heres a camp run down thing i dont know its kinda late i dont feel like blogging i havent felt like blogging in a long time i think im gonna stop this soon ok here goes.. alright the kids pissed me off. there was sky [fuck you sky] and steven [fuck you too steven and your weak ass bladder waking me up a hundred times in the middle of the night] and there was priscilla [shut the fuck up priscilla] and all those other kids that annoyed me. but there were the cool kids like gino who called me an idiot and kyle who cant talk and louise whos gonna be the biggest buddha smoker in bowers.. so yeah i had like 5 days that i thought i was gonna spend with jenna but it turned out to be like ZERO days to spend some real time with jenna cus of the fucking stupid ass camp intimacy rules. it was like the only people getting intimate were some gay guys and maybe some other people that i shouldnt mention anymore. im tired. i guess it was ok. but fuck camp for giving me a lousy 50 hours for 32789643987643 hours with those little shits.

Thursday, June 06, 2002

the past day couldve really been the worst day of my life but for some reason God really loves me and he took it pretty easy on me. instead of being a hella shitty ass day it turned out pretty good. i guess theres more to say but well sucks for you cus im too fuckin lazy to explain. ha i talk about what a great day it was but i dont even say why. happy birthday chris

Wednesday, June 05, 2002


Sunday, May 19, 2002

Iscariot Club
Think someone needs to be brought to justice? Look no further. Every Sunday, one unfortunate being will be put on the spot and prosecuted by infamous attorney, Dick, on the charge of being a sell out. So far here our last weeks results:

iscariot club:

kristian olarte
the verdict is in...

guilty: 3
not-guilty: 4
how exciting. in ic's first week, jenna cast the deciding vote at 10:48 pm. kristian is off the hook... for now. join us next week, may 24 for our next edition of iscariot club. remember, the next sellout could be you...

post-trial comments:
richard: I feel that this is a complete and utter mockery of the system that i so believe in. 3/4 innocent votes were invalid. If this type of corruption continues in the system, I have will have no choice but to pull my representatives and I out. and by my people, i mean the votes that actually counted.

chris lic: kristian's not a sellout. he's just in love.

josh: i think the only people that should vote are me, ben, dom, rich, and nug

[fuck you josh]

daryl: richard didnt spend enought time on his prosecution. if he put some more thought and effort into it, kristian wouldve been ic's first sellout and hed be crying his ass of right now

ben: this is a mockery of the judicial system. however, i feel that richard presented a good case and the real corruption was within in the jury, who conspired to set a guilty man free. this is the biggest scandal since the oj simpson trial. i feel ashamed that i was not there to vote, if i was, this.....criminal would be in ic at this moment.. on second though.. i am wrong. oj was innocent and i am in love with joshua daco.

Well there you go. Join us next week for another round of...

*The Iscariot Club*

Friday, May 17, 2002

ok now heres MY review of that star wars shit.. it sucked. just a bunch of lights and lasers. a lot of those guys need hair cuts too. see i know all of that and i havent even watched the movie